Fees calculator

If you receive allocations familiales from the CAF (Caisse d’allocations familiales), you are entitled to a reduction in fees for all types of childcare. Use the form below to estimate how much you would pay for you child to attend Giving Tree.

This fee is payable 11 months per year, with no fee charged in August. The estimation is based on a full-time contract, 10 hours a day.

The above estimation is valid if parents receive/are eligible for CAF allowances. For more information and to see if your family is eligible for an allowance, please visit www.caf.fr.

If you are working for an international organisation such as the Council of Europe or diplomatic services and are ineligible for CAF allocations, prices are fixed as follows:

Child care type

  1. Full time child care (3 – 36 months): 939 EUR/month
  2. Owls (> 3 years old) full time: 1097 EUR/month
  3. Owls (> 3 years old) Wednesdays only: 180 EUR/month
  4. Owls (> 3 years old) vacation: 225 EUR/week