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How to apply to Giving Tree

Step 1 – Fill in the application form below between January and the recruitment day in the Spring (around March).

Step 2 – Families will be selected primarily based on the following criteria : 

  • Resident of the city of Strasbourg (67000, 67100 or 67200)
  • Interest in participating in the project on multilingualism, ecology and good management of the structure
  • Age of the child, in order to balance the age groups
  • Availability of families to do their “perm”
  • In addition, Giving Tree pays particular attention to families who meet the priority criteria set out in the Quality Charter for Early Childhood Care Facilities drawn up by the City of Strasbourg in partnership with the Caisse d’Allocations familiales du Bas-Rhin and the other early childhood stakeholders in the region.

Step 3 – Once the application form has been received, you’ll receive an invitation to the Open day interviews.

Step 4 – Following the interviews, the admission of a child is decided by the Parents’ Committee according to the available places and CAF criteria.

Step 5 – If selected, you must accept and confirm your place within the deadline set by taking the following steps:

  • join the association by paying the annual membership fee
  • complete the commitment procedures form
  • fill in and sign all the documents constituting the registration file

Step 6 – The director contacts the family to plan the adaptation period.



Les crèches parentales demandent participation importante de la part des parents. / A crèche parentale requires a great investment of time from parents.

Merci de motiver votre inscription en expliquant pourquoi le projet Giving Tree vous intéresse. / Please explain in a few words why you are interested in joining the Giving Tree.

Votre participation est obligatoire. S\’il vous plait selectionner \”Oui\” ci-dessus afin de completer votre inscription. / Your participation is mandatory. Please select \”Yes\” above to complete your registration.

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Si vous n\'avez pas de numéro CAF merci d\'indiquer votre régime. / If you do not have a CAF number please indicate your \"régime\".