3 months - 2 years

For the youngest children, we create a welcoming environment that fits into their daily routine (naps, meals etc.) and stimulates their development.

We offer activities to stimulate the senses such as:

  • Sight: colours, mobiles, murals etc.
  • Sound: songs, rhymes, everyday noises and a music session once a week
  • Touch: holding different materials (books, fabrics, boxes, etc.)
  • Smell: meal times
  • Taste: a wide variety of food types

We also help them develop their motor skills by arranging the room so that children can pull themselves upright (baby corner) and encouraging them to discover and explore the world using reflex and voluntary actions.

The Apples also take their first steps towards independence. There is no routine for naps but meals are generally eaten together.

At this age, the child’s independence is developed through activities like washing their face or taking off their shoes and reinforced with toilet training day and night. This period is also when the use of language begins with short phrases.

We offer activities that allow the child’s memory and imagination to develop, such as listening to music, nursery rhymes and stories with actions.


2 - 3 years

Around 2 years of age, children start to imitate adults. They often pretend to play at Mom or Dad so it’s important to encourage their imagination with dressing up accessories.

Various small group workshops are offered (Montessori games, discover your body, the senses, crafts and excursions). Robins take their naps and meals together.


3 - 4 years

With its Owl programme, Giving Tree offers a unique opportunity for children 3 to 4 years old. The Owls are a small group of 5 – 8 children who enjoy a day of play and discovery activities. Two professionals, one native English speaker and one French speaker, accompany the children throughout the day in a homelike environment from 8.30 am – 5.30 pm.

The programme is specially designed for families who have moved to the area and are looking for bilingual care, for families who have already been at Giving Tree for their child’s first years and would like to continue, or for families whose children are in the “petite section” at a French school and are looking for occasional care. Families with siblings already in the structure will have priority for available spaces.

The Owls are an integrated part of the Giving Tree crèche and spend time with children from 3 months to 3 years old. The Owl programme is based on educational principals that are used at all levels of the crèche:

  • Bilingual care: opening children to languages and different cultures
  • Montessori inspired activities: providing material and methods to encourage children in their love of learning, giving them confidence in themselves and their creative capacities and allowing them to explore their natural curiosity.
  • Nature around us: opening children up to the environment, seasons, weather, plants and animals, and enjoying plenty of outside adventures.

For more details and to sign your child up to the Owls programme, download the form here.