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Giving Tree recruits families according to the following criteria:

  • Resident of the city of Strasbourg (mandatory)
  • Interest in participating in a project centred on multilingualism, environmentally friendly practices and good management.
  • The child’s age (in order to balance the different age groups)
  • Availability to ensure a weekly “permanence”

However the most important criteria is enthusiasm and interest in participating in this exciting adventure!

Votre besoin en garde d\'enfants / Childcare required
Rôle des parents / Parents involvement

Les crèches parentales demandent participation importante de la part des parents. / A crèche parentale requires a great investment of time from parents.

Merci de motiver votre inscription en expliquant pourquoi le projet Giving Tree vous intéresse. / Please explain in a few words why you are interested in joining the Giving Tree.

Votre participation est obligatoire. S\’il vous plait selectionner \”Oui\” ci-dessus afin de completer votre inscription. / Your participation is mandatory. Please select \”Yes\” above to complete your registration.

Votre enfant / Your child
Vous / About you
Si vous n\'avez pas de numéro CAF merci d\'indiquer votre régime. / If you do not have a CAF number please indicate your \"régime\".